Terms & Conditions

Payment Details

  • • Participants are required to pay 100% in advance after which they will be provided with access to the portal.
  • • Charges mentioned are excluding GST, discount if any will be deducted from the total and taxes will be added on balance amount to calculate total fees payable.
  • • Rates mentioned in USD are for participants outside India
  • • Shipping Charges if any will be extra per item for participants in India
  • • For Participants outside India Courier costs will be added and itemized separately on the invoice, delivery of your order will be facilitated when you send us all relevant permits and import certificates prior to the shipping date.

Bank Details

Account Holder: Maxus Engineering Services
Account Number: 50200060185751
IFSC: HDFC0007707
Branch: New Cuffe Parade
Account Type: Current

Payment Mode

Cheques/Demand Draft : Customers can pay by Cheque/Demand Draft/Online Transfer, all transaction fees are met by the customer.

Credit/ Debit/online payment Gateway : We accept VISA card, Master Card and other online modes of payment, a surcharge may be separately added by the payment gateway portal for use of their facility.

Cash/ direct deposit : Cash or cheques may be directly deposited in our Bank Account.

Additional Charges

Participating Labs would be charged additional fees in the following events.

  • • Late enrolment or results submission delays
  • • Change in PT scheme within 1 week of enrolment
  • • Change in PT scheme parameters once selected/submitted by client prior to submission of results.
  • • Request that MES staff enters results on behalf of participating labs per scheme.
  • • Replacement of misplaced sample 50% of the cost of the PT Scheme.
  • • Cancellation of enrolment from PT scheme prior to dispatch of sample @ 50% of PT Charges paid by the participant in the form of a credit note which may be used in the future. In the event that the sample has been dispatched by Maxus PT the participant is not eligible for any refund.

Reporting of Results

In the event the participating Laboratories fail to share their results by the deadline provided in our schedule they would not be entitled to receive the final reports issued by us. Payment will not be refunded in any event.

Participants are requested to verify their results prior to entering the values in the system. The values entered in the system will be considered as final. In the event the participant finds an error in their result they have to notify in writing, depending upon the stage of the PT participant may or may not be permitted to alter their results.

In the event that the samples received by the participants are not in good condition the same shall be notified to us in the portal and by mail immediately (enclose image of defective sample). The sample will be replaced, once accepted the sample it will not be replaced.

The participating lab needs to verify all the aspects of PT and follow the instruction sheet prior to results submissions on their side.

Other Instructions

  • • Do treat the PT sample as a regular sample received for testing in their lab
  • • Don’t collude with any other participants/average out results.
  • • Do have confidence in your own results
  • • In the event of receiving a poor result try and improvise the testing methods and use corrective action to increase the competence of your lab.
  • • Do stick to the schedule especially for Concrete related tests participants are requested to vigilantly stick to the dates as mentioned in the instruction sheet. In the event that the participants don’t perform the tests on the specified dated their results won’t be considered in the evaluation calculations and report.
  • • PT rounds on Non-Destructive Testing’s would be conducted at Location in Mumbai or Greater Mumbai at a predefined date and location which will be informed to the participants 15 days prior to the date of testing.
  • • In the event that the participants don’t perform the tests on the specified dated their results won’t be considered in the evaluation calculations and report.
  • • Scheduled dates are tentative and may be postponed if the minimum number of participants are not achieved, In this event the Participant would not be allowed a refund of any kind and would be directly enrolled in the next schedule of the same product.


If participants disagree with the assessment in a proficiency report, they should notify Maxus within 3 days of receiving the reports on appeal@maxuspt.com . Maxus would revert with the interpretation of the outcome of the reassessment


Results shared by the participants are considered confidential and will be shared only with NABL unless the client has given permission to pass on the information. Reports/Data issued by Maxus PT cannot used or shared by any other organisation without an express consent from the Director of Maxus PT.